Sustaining Mastery Work Group - Much Wenlock - Leadership (Thursdays)

Thursday 11 February, Thursday 20 May, All Work Group activity will be online until the Summer Term. In March we will review the possibility for any face to face activity for the Summer Term. Online workshops will include opportunities to see 'open lessons' and plan lessons collaboratively in small groups, using breakout rooms.

Schools that participated in the funded Developing Teaching for Mastery programme in 2016-17, 2017-18 or 2018-19 are eligible to join this funded Work Group.

Thursday 22 October, online - 1.30pm-3pm; Thursday 11 February, online - 1.30pm-3pm; and Thursday 20 May, either school-based, 9am-12 noon or online 1.30pm- 3pm

The Sustaining Mastery programme has two distinct elements:

  1. Leading Teaching for Mastery for Headteachers/Subject Leaders/Teaching for Mastery Leaders
  2. Lesson design for any teacher who wants to begin or further develop their Teaching for Mastery practice – one place per school

Each school may book up to one place for the Leading Teaching for Mastery workshops and up to one place for the Lesson Design workshops. To book a place at the Sustaining Mastery - Lesson Design Work Group, please see the separate link.

Overview of workshops ….

  1. Leading Teaching for Mastery
  • Three, half day Specialist-led workshops
  • Themes: Leading effective PD; Teaching for Mastery and medium-term planning; support and challenge - differentiation; challenging fixed mindsets; mathenatical thinking/reasoning; arothmetic proficiency
  • Venue: online/Specialist’s school: Much Wenlock Primary School, Shropshire TF13 6JG

Commitment to Teaching for Mastery Work Groups in 2020/21 and beyond

We thank you for engaging with Teaching for Mastery Work Groups. As part of the next phase, we are refreshing your commitment to the Teaching for Mastery Work Groups as we offer the opportunity for you to become part of the ongoing phase entitled ‘Sustaining’.undefined

We thank you for engaging with Teaching for Mastery Work Groups. As part of the next phase, we are refreshing your commitment to the Teaching for Mastery Work Groups as we offer the opportunity for you to become part of the ongoing phase entitled ‘Sustaining’.


What does the opportunity involve?

Your school will participate in the Work Group and changes made to practice are led by the maths subject lead from your school. There will also be exciting opportunities for all teachers and leaders to attend the workshops over the academic year. The Work Group consists of between six and twelve local primary schools.

Sustaining Work Groups meet regularly to plan, share progress and discuss the issues in refining their approach to whole school teaching for mastery. A significant focus of the workshop is aimed at collaborative lesson design between schools, which incorporates teachers developing their mathematical subject knowledge as well as their pedagogical subject knowledge and putting this into practice in the classroom. In between meetings, maths subject leads are expected to support their colleagues back in their own school in adopting, reflecting upon and refining practices which are consistent across school. These Work Groups will be continuous beyond the academic year, with schools identifying focused issues to collaborate upon to constantly improve the quality of maths teaching and learning as part of their professional development.

Support is provided from an experienced Work Group Lead who facilitates the group and provides expertise. This model of professional development involves hands-on learning and peer-to-peer support. It is evidence-based and designed to support substantial long-term change.

As a school, you will strengthen collaboration with other schools and will benefit from working collaboratively on teaching for mastery issues such as issues around leading change. Some of the workshop will be a ‘twilight’ session, which means that other members of staff can join after the school day and engage in designing lessons with other teachers both during the workshop and subsequently. This will allow you to make a long-term, positive impact on your maths teaching and learning.


Schools participating in Mastery Readiness, Developing Mastery, Embedding Mastery or Sustaining Mastery Work Groups in 2020-21 are also eligible for one of their EY teachers to participate in the Building Firm Mathematical Foundations in Reception Work Groups (in Hereford, Shrewsbury or Wolverhampton).

NB. In selecting places, the Headteacher of the school is agreeing to the continued commitment to the Teaching for Mastery Work Groups provided by SHaW Maths Hub. This includes further development of teaching for mastery across the school, to release the maths subject lead to attend all relevant leadership workshops and allow other teaching staff to attend appropriate sessions.

Who will be leading the group?

Alison Turner

Teaching for Mastery Specialist Teacher and Deputy Headteacher