Developing Pedagogy in A Level Mathematics - online - 1315-1600

Monday 28 June

We are happy to accept new participants for this Work Group.  Participants who join between 1st February and 26th April will be able to access recordings of the first two workshops and support to enable joining from the third workshop on 26th April.

This project provides support for developing the quality of teaching in response to the demands of the new specifications for A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics. Run in partnership with the AMSP, Work Groups in this project aim to develop knowledge of content and requirements of the new A levels and understand the purpose of the overarching themes.


Who will be leading the group?

Martin Withington and Gayle Scot

Martin has taught A level Maths and Further Maths and is an Associate for the Advanced Maths Support Programme (AMSP).  He has extensive experience in using IT both in the classroom and for resource preparation. Martin also supports the professional development of teachers as a popular workshop lead at conferences.

Gayle is a Level 3 NCETM Accredited PD Lead. She has taught A level Maths and A level Further Maths for over 20 years and is an experienced subject mentor for ITT maths trainees.

Who is it for?

The target group of schools/colleges/departments are those which want to develop one or more aspects of their A level pedagogy.

The target group of lead participants in this NCP are existing leaders of A level teaching or experienced teachers of A level Mathematics who wish to lead the development of pedagogy in A level teaching with other colleagues in their own or other schools. This Work Group will also be valuable for teachers who have limited experience of teaching A Level Mathematics and even to those who have not yet done so. An openness to new ideas and a willingness to share them with colleagues are probably the two most important prerequisites for participation.

What are the intended outcomes?

Participants will know the content and requirements of the linear A-Level Mathematics and understand the purpose of the over-arching themes and their impact on teaching and learning in A Level Mathematics. There will be a strong emphasis on integrating the use of technology into everyday teaching. They will also be confident to teach aspects of the content (particularly mechanics and statistics).


What will it involve?

Participants will plan sequences of lessons which meet the requirements of the linear A Level, including addressing the overarching themes and use of technology.  They will also support colleagues in their own school / colleges in embedding themes from the Work Group in their delivery of the linear A Level.

Four afternoons (Mondays) 1.15pm-4pm.

7th December; 1st February; 26th April; 28th June

What is the cost?


Cover costs of up to £200 per day will be paid for teachers in their first two years of teaching. Please indicate where requested on the booking form.