Strengthening partnerships with ITT providers - Online 1300-1600

Wednesday 26 January, Thursday 10 March, Wednesday 18 May, Monday 27 June Online

June Workshop - Monday 27th June (1300-1600)

You are invited to join a Work Group that is aimed at fostering partnerships in initial teacher education (ITE) in the region. We hope that this will support shared approaches to Teaching for Mastery and foster a network of support for mathematics ITE mentors and trainee teachers.

This Work Group will share approaches to working with trainee teachers in relation to mathematics. It will include developing coaching that improves the knowledge and practice of beginning teachers and developing and collaborations with beginning teachers through lesson study in mathematics.

We are also hoping to include a regional conference for ITT providers across the West Midlands.

Who will be leading the group?

Sally Bamber

Dr Sally Bamber is the lead for the Secondary Mathematics PGCE at the University of Chester. She moved into teacher education in 2007 following 15 years mathematics teaching experience in four diverse schools. Sally is part of a pilot project accrediting the NCETM PD Lead to post-graduate credits. She is an active member of the British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics and the Association of Mathematics Education Teachers. Half of Sally’s University role is the design and implementation of classroom based research projects involving collaborative lesson design intended to raise attainment in GCSE mathematics for middle to lower attainers. Sally is a member of the SHaW Maths Hub Strategic Board and chair of the Cheshire and Wirral Maths Hub Strategic Board.

What are the intended outcomes?

A deeper understanding of the principles of Teaching for Mastery and how they directly relate to classroom practice.

Greater awareness of and involvement in the local ITE and Maths Hubs Network.