Work Group
  • 1) Primary Teaching for Mastery Work Groups 2020-21 Primary

    If you are a Primary teacher interested in developing confident mathematicians with deep connected understanding in your class, you are welcome to apply to participate in... Read More
  • IN04 - Telford - Developing Problem Solving & Reasoning Approaches to Provide Depth for All - Starts 14/2/20 Primary

    This Work Group is designed to support the professional development of teachers with the explicit teaching of the Problem Solving and Reasoning aims of the Maths curricul... Read More
  • NCP19-14a - Teaching for Mastery - Mixed Age Classes - Craven Arms (Days 1&3), Stretton Sugwas Primary (Day 2 - inc. see Open Lesson with Y5/6) - Starts 30/1/20 Primary

    Before booking this, please also consider the alternative option for Day 2, which would be to see Open Lessons with Yr 1/2 and Yr 3/4 at Stottesdon Primary instead.   T... Read More
  • NCP19-24 - Telford - Specialist Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics for Teaching Assistants - Starts 21/5/20 Primary

    Teaching assistants wishing to develop enhanced mathematical subject knowledge to improve their maths teaching are invited to take part in this project. Participants will... Read More
  • NCP19-18 - Wolverhampton - Bar Modelling & Multiplicative Reasoning (Year 5-8 continuity) - Starts 23/1/20 Primary/Secondary

    Teachers from different phases will work together to improve communication between Key Stages 2 & 3. Participants will develop understanding of Bar Modelling and pedagogi... Read More
  • 1) Secondary Teaching for Mastery Work Groups 2020-21 Secondary

    If you are a Secondary Maths teacher interested in developing confident mathematicians with deep, connected understanding in your classes, you are welcome to apply to par... Read More
  • NCP19-17 - Hereford - Mathematical Thinking for GCSE - Starts 6/2/20 Secondary

    This offers teachers and their departments high-quality support to address the reasoning and problem-solving challenges of the maths curriculum and its assessment at GCSE... Read More
  • NCP19-19 - Telford - Challenging Topics at GCSE - Starts 28/1/20 Secondary

    In this project, Work Groups consist of teachers working together to unpick a challenging topic. Participants develop insight into the associated difficulties and misconc... Read More
  • SNM -Herefordshire - Secondary Maths Network Meeting - 4.30pm to 6pm - 23/01/2020 Secondary

    Please note that this is a Network Meeting, not a Work Group. Secondary Mathematics Network Meeting with Christine Watson Read More
  • NCP19-20 - Telford - Supporting Post-16 GCSE Resit Post 16

    This project aims to explore effective ways of teaching key content of the new GCSE to resit students. Working collaboratively, teachers of resit groups from FE and schoo... Read More